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We have been working with staff from The Big Swing for over a year now.  The activities that have been undertaken have been fantastic for our children and provided a different approach and dimension to learning.

From our very first meeting, planning of the work to be undertaken and its objectives was easily reached between school staff and The Big Swing.  Our aim was to provide challenging tasks to children who we felt required a slightly different approach to develop analytical, team-working, language and mathematical skills and for some who required help with behaviour in class. In some cases we targeted children who had issues with attendance.  It was also obvious that the tasks should provide huge enjoyment.

We have seen the sessions have a big impact upon a number of children.  A few case studies can be found below.  We have asked teachers about the impact they had noted in class and some of the skills developed have certainly filtered through into the classroom.  Our surveys of children and families following the completion of the children’s courses have given a huge, unanimous vote of approval.  All the children love it and reports from parents suggest that they had seen a positive change in their children and that they would recommend it to other parents if school approached them for permission for their youngsters to join in.

The excitement of children on the day before the session is easily seen and I am often asked if the sessions are on this week and I am generally met with a hugely enthusiastic response.

We have never regretted becoming involved with The Big Swing and would recommend them to support schools in working with children, to support their learning in a hugely enjoyable way.

Child A

Boy in Y5.  Prior to attending a couple of courses was presenting behavioural difficulties and had had to be removed from class on a number of occasions.  Amongst other actions, it was agreed for him to work with the Big Swing staff.  We have noted a huge change in attitude.  He is no longer being removed from class and he has developed his understanding of working with others.  He has a much better attitude to learning.

Child B

Boy in Y4.  Came to us during this year and had significant learning and social and emotional difficulties.  He had faced a number of removals from class and found all aspects of school life tricky. We decided that we should offer him a place on one of the courses that we ran.  What we saw on those days was a child who felt comfortable in his surroundings, used skills which he clearly possessed to good effect, felt much more positively about himself and being in school and accepted praise.  This course did him the world of good.