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Staff at Eccleshill Adventure Playground work hard to provide exciting and engaging activities, all that come with a range of benefits to the children’s health and well being. All of our activities can be made fully inclusive and can be adapted to any skill level. We are happy to work with you if you have any specific requests for activities or themes.
Below are some examples of activities that we have planned for previous school sessions.

Wood work

Our woodwork sessions are very popular with schools. We use hammers and saws to build items such as tool boxes, wooden animals and stools. Children may keep what they make. These sessions are great for advancing skills as they can be very basic for beginners, then gradually introduce different skills and complicated tools, such as the use of drills and sanders.
Recently our Leeds West SILC school group have enjoyed using hammers and nails to build wooden furniture, such as tables, stools and even a cupboard!

Den Building

Den building sessions allow children and young people to work together individually to build something on a large scale. This again can be a progressive activity and may involve planning and preparation sessions before building, to ensure that the structure can last for great lengths of time. Dens can be made from natural materials or can be made more secure with the use of boards and timber.
All dens are designed by the children, for the children. Alternatively, we can work with a school to work towards building a bespoke structure.

Camp Fires

This again is a very popular session for our school groups. Children will learn how to safely set up and light the fire using a flint and steel. Children will be learning many important life skills as well as social and emotional skills. We have a built-in fire pit at the playground and portable fire bowls to take out for fire sessions in the school setting. We can also extend the activity to fire craft, individual fire making and camp fire cooking. This activity encourages children to understand safety, boundaries and the well being of others.

Camp Fire Cooking

This sessions is a natural progression from the above camp fire activity. Once children have mastered the setting up and lighting of a fire we can then begin to cook. We can make almost anything on a fire. Some of our favourites include individual popcorn baskets, fresh bread on sticks, chicken curry and buns in oranges. Onsite at The Big Swing adventure playground we also have an outdoor clay pizza oven for the children to use. So far the children are enjoying learning how to make pizzas from scratch!


Our Go-kart sessions are a really fun activity with lots of benefits. Children will use hand tools to build their moving Go-kart. They will need to use problem solving and decision making skills and then test their risk assessing skills if they dare to try it out for a ride. Confidence, resilience and social skills will also all be used.
The children really enjoy spending time working on their Go-kart, using materials to personalise specific parts, such as chairs and exhaust pipes.

Team Building

Team building sessions are a very important part of what we do. We plan many different games and activities that will bring the group together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our team building sessions can be adapted from pairs to large groups with the aim of improving relationships, social skills and problem solving.

Loose Parts

These sessions are a great opportunity to allow children to use their imagination. A loose part session could involve anything from smaller boxes to large plastic tunnels, ropes or wheels. These sessions may have an end goal, for example ‘find a way to get a small ball from  the top of the playground to the bottom,’ or children may be encouraged to use the loose parts to build anything they like.

Other popular sessions include sports, painting, planting fruit & vegetables and treasure hunts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on booking a school session. We can run activities to fit in line with topics and much more.

Survival Skills

During our fantastic apocalypse sessions, children will have to work either alone or in to survive the apocalypse. They do this by building shelters, using rope tying skills to build hammocks, savaging for food and then preparing a camp fire. This activity encourages children to use a variety of tools and survival equipment, as well as putting all of the other skills that they have learnt into practice. This a very popular activity of ours.